Crawford County R-I District Results 

Provisions of the Get the Lead Out of School Drinking Water Act dictates that during the 2023-24 school year, all schools must provide drinking water that has a lead concentration level below five (5) parts per billion (ppb).  On or before January of 2024, schools must identify all outlets for drinking water or for all cooking purposes and then develop a plan for testing of those water sources. Before students return to school in August of 2024, all testing must be done and a plan developed for any needed remediation. This plan must be publicized.


Crawford County R-I has been proactive in identifying all water sources so that timelines can be met. In early March 2024, an independent testing company, Environmental Works, conducted lead water testing on 118 potential drinking water sources across the district. This included drinking water fountains, bathroom sinks, and all kitchen faucets. Preliminary results indicate that out of 118 sources, only 18 sources tested at the Elementary and High School exceed the required level.

It is important to remember that this legislation applies to water supplied for drinking and food preparation/ cleanup. It does not apply to showers, handwashing stations or toilet flushing.

In response to the sample results, we are taking immediate action on the outlets that showed lead levels at/above 5 parts per billion (ppb). These fixtures have been removed from service, while more permanent measures are underway.

The following corrective actions for the 18 drinking water outlets will be taken:

  • Water sources will be turned off and/or signage will be posted not to drink the water from these fixtures until necessary corrective actions are completed.
  • Faucets will be replaced.
  • Filters will be installed on water sources, if necessary.
  • Signage will be posted for the other sources such as classroom sinks and other water sources not intended for drinking.
  • Follow-Up testing will be conducted to ensure remediation efforts are effective.
Please know the safety and health of our students and staff is our highest priority and we will work diligently to rectify every source that is out of compliance. In the meantime, all students and staff will continue to have access to a variety of water outlets that have met compliance, throughout the school.

If you have questions regarding the health of your child or for additional information regarding lead testing, please contact your primary healthcare provider. 


Test results are by building are listed below as we receive them:

Drinking Water Results Over 5ppb


Bourbon Elementary

  Results Part 1 - Received 3/21/24

  Letter to Parents - March 25, 2024


Bourbon Middle School

  Results Part 1 - Received 3/21/24

  Letter to Parents - March 25, 2024


Bourbon High School

  Results Part 1 - Received 3/21/24

  Letter to Parents - March 25, 2024


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