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Transportation Department

7 months ago

Bus Garage: 573-732-4813

Transportation Director: Jessica Becker

Mechanic/Bus Route Coordinator: Justin Blanton

Transportation Secretary: Penny Branson 

School Closing Information

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Director's Cut
Welcome to the Director's Cut!!!

I hope this year has gone well for all involved. Our year at the Transportation Department has gone very well. We received a perfect score on our bus inspections in the fall and look to doing the same this spring. This is a great accomplishment and says a lot for Anthony, our mechanic and bus supervisor. He does a great job of keeping the buses in perfect running order.

Remember to drop your students off in the new parking lot area no earlier than 7:40. Please do not drop your students off on Jost in front of the Middle School. Our buses stopped dropping off there to ease the congestion.

Parents, please do not park in the high school parking lot close to the entrance. Our buses cannot make the turn into the parking lot with cars parking close to the street. A sign will be placed close to the road. Thanks.

Please take time to tell our bus drivers thank you for the hard work and dedication they provide to ensure the safe transportation of your students to and from school.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to call me at or 573-732-4813 or 573-732-5365 extension 2016.

Erin Altemeyer - Director of Transportation