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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Crawford County’s Technology Mission Statement reflects the importance of the use of technology to enhance effective instruction and to increase student learning and achievement as is identified in the District’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). The impact of technology on student learning and achievement is linked to all the priorities in the District’s CSIP.

The district technology mission is based on our belief statement that technology is a tool for enhancing education, learning, student achievement, and our vision of preparing kids today for their tomorrow.

The technology mission of the Crawford County R-I School District is to develop collaboratively a plan for the implementation of technology in such a way that it will:

Facilitate effective and efficient support services related to achieving the Districts overall educational goals.
Facilitate and support the training of staff in the use of technology to enhance instruction and student learning and achievement.
Facilitate and support the achievement of specific learning goals and strategies such as: encourage problem solving, thinking skills, exploration, and learning in the classroom; promote student-centered learning; provide access to appropriate technology for all students and staff; restructure the learning environment; increase student achievement; support a comprehensive information system; encourage communication; develop lifelong learners, improve faculty and staff tech competence and productivity, and provide the opportunity for faculty and staff to model appropriate technology usage.
Facilitate and support the District’s curriculum and instructional goals, the District’ s Comprehensive Improvement Plan, the Missouri Show- Me Standards, and the standards and objectives in the Missouri Show-Me Technology Plan.
Technology Coordinator
Paul Kotila
IT Systems Administrator / Technology Coordinator
Crawford County R-1 School District
363 Jost Street, Bourbon, MO 65441
(573) 732-4424 ext: 2035
Currenty Technology
The Crawford County R-1 School District Utilizes the following technology:

1. Smarboards - Installed in almost every classroom district wide
2. Neo-Boards - Utilized in the Elementary School
3. HP ProDesk 400
4. Dell Vostro 260
5. Microsoft Windows 7.
6. Microsoft Office 2007, 2013
7. Chromebooks 1-to-1 from 7th-12th
8. 30 Chromebooks for 3rd-6th grade level
Technology Tips
How to change your password

1. While logged into Windows Press CTRL + ALT + DEL Keys simulaneously.
2. Click "Change Password"
3. Type in your old password and then type in your new password twice.

You password is now changed!

How to update a Chromebook:

Click the status area in the lower-right corner where your account picture appears
Select Settings.
At the top of the page that opens, click About Chrome OS
In the “About” page, click Check for and apply updates button
Once installed restart the Chromebook