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Questions and Answers


1. What do I do if I feel my child needs to be tested for special services? Contact the

Special Services office at 573-732-3293.

2. Who do I need to contact if I feel an IEP meeting needs to be held for my child?

Contact your child's case manager at the following numbers:

High School: 573-732-5615

Middle School: 573-732-4424

Elementary School: 573-732-5365 or

Special Services Office 573-732-3293

3. Where can I get a copy of the Procedural Safeguards?

You can obtain a copy of the Procedural Safeguards in several ways:

Contact the Special Services Office at 573-732-3293

Click here for a copy of Procedural Safeguards.

4. How can I become a member of the Title I school-wide committee?

Contact the Special Services office at 573-732-3293.

5. Where can I find the requirements for a student to qualify for the Gifted Education program?

Click "Gifted Handbook" and browse.

6. How can I enroll my child in preschool?

Our preschool program can serve a total of 40 children. We hold a screening in the spring of every year and then again in the fall of every year. Children are placed based on need according to the screening results. For more information or to schedule a screening, contact the Special Services office at 573-732-3293.

7. How do I become enrolled in Parents As Teachers?

Parents As Teachers is a free program in our district. To schedule a Parents As Teachers visit, contact Crystal Michel at 732-3293.

8. At what age does the school begin providing special education services to children?

School districts must begin providing services to students beginning at age 3 if the student qualifies as a student with a disability.

9.  How can I find out more information regarding special education in Missouri?

Click here for a copy of the Parent's Guide to Special Education in Missouri provided by Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

10. For further information or answers to questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Special Services department at 573-732-3293.

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