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December 2016 Q&A

11 months ago

Have you now implemented the 1:1 scheme to your entire district or just to the high school? 

7th-12th are 1:1 with Chromebooks. 3rd-6th have a grade level of 30 Chromebooks. Will be looking to add more Chromebooks every year ranging from 60-200 depends on budget.

 Is your internet connection still around 50Mbps?

Yes. Always an option to move up in bandwidth if its needed.

 What is the number of users connected at peak times?


- Do you have any 1:1/BYOD schemes in place? 

7th-12th are 1:1 with Chromebooks. 3rd-6th have a grade level of 30 Chromebooks. 

- Do you have any growth for the future? If so,when do you expect to grow and to how many concurrent users and Mbps?

Chromebooks we average around 100-150 per year and Mbps we might be at 100Mbps in the next 2-3yrs depending on usage. 


Indoor or Outdoor?


 Data speed? 

50 Mbps

 802.11N or 802.11AC?


Are these for a new network environment, or for an already existing environment?

Additional components to an existing network - Must be compatible with existing system

Multiple SSIDs?


Controller-based or cloud-based?


The minimum allowable contract date is Dec 26th. Will you accept responses to the form 470 after that window?

Until January 20, 2017

If not, can you please advise of your holiday closures so we can ensure our submission will make it to you before the deadline.

Closed for Christmas break from December 23, 2016 - January 3, 2017

Would you accept email submissions?


Will submissions with refurbished gear be accepted? 


If you only accept new products does the vendor need to be an authorized reseller?


Will you accept partial submissions? 

I don't think so.  Not clear on what you are asking.

Would it be possible to quote the equipment and not the installation?


Will you accept equivalent substitutions? 


Could you provide specific make and model of the equipment you are considering?

Extreme Networks, 3800 series

By Sherry Horn

2018 470 Information for E-Rate

Bandwidth - 250Mbps UP/DOWN
Future Upgrade of Bandwidth - No
Peak Users - 700
Peak Devices - 700
VPN Access - Yes
VPN Limit - at least 10 users
Ability to do Content Filtering - Ideal
Ability to do Caching - Ideal

Cache Server

Minor need to do some caching
HTTP/HTTPS caching if possible
YouTube content if possible
Current Bandwidth 250Mbps UP/DOWN - Peak usage 115Mbps
No expected growth beyond our 250Mpbs currently