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2019 E-Rate Q & A
What is you current make and model of your firewall? How many users? What is your connection speed? Any specific requirements?
K12USA - SecureSchool Appliance. About 1100 Users. 250Mbps UP/DOWN. Firewall, Content Filtering, and Caching all built in one preferred.

What is your current model of caching server? Specific requirements?
K12USA - SecureSchool Appliance. The current one is builtin and does enough for what we need.
2018 470 Information for E-Rate

Bandwidth - 250Mbps UP/DOWN
Future Upgrade of Bandwidth - No
Peak Users - 700
Peak Devices - 700
VPN Access - Yes
VPN Limit - at least 10 users
Ability to do Content Filtering - Ideal
Ability to do Caching - Ideal

Cache Server

Minor need to do some caching
HTTP/HTTPS caching if possible
YouTube content if possible
Current Bandwidth 250Mbps UP/DOWN - Peak usage 115Mbps
No expected growth beyond our 250Mpbs currently