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No School on Friday, Nov. 16
Canceled due to unsafe road conditions.
  • New Board Members April 9 2018
  • Jered Nolie 17th at All-State CC 17:49
  • Crawford Electric Youth Tour / CYCLE Leadership Summit
    Crawford Electric Youth Tour / CYCLE Leadership Summit
    Congratulations to Faith Skaggs for being selected as one of the three delegates to the Crawford Electric Youth Tour Trip to Washington D.C. Congratulations also to Emily Gargus for being selected to attend the CYCLE leadership summit in Jefferson City. Both girls represented Bourbon extremely well.
  • Bourbon Alumni Basketball Game
  • Jered Nolie Cross Country All-State 17:49
  • Board of Education with new Student Advisor Rachel Orton
  • Project Europe 2018
  • Warhawk Strong All Staff Picture 2016
  • Cheer Squad 2016-2017
  • Bourbon High School
  • Superintendent's Office
  • Fill Unexpired Term - Swearing in Darrell Bosse 6/5/18
  • Award for Transportation Safety Excellence
    Award for Transportation Safety Excellence
    Thanks the the Transportation department for keeping all of our students safe. Mr. Anthony Pratt accepting Bus Inspection & Fleet Excellence Award. Mr Pratt is the transportation supervisor and bus mechanic for Crawford County RI School District and has received this award the last fours years.
  • Transportation Department Receives Award
    Transportation Department Receives Award
    Mr. Anthony Pratt accepted 90% award for 15 straight years. Mr Pratt and Mr Earnie Treece have been responsible for this award from the Missouri Highway Patrol. Only two other districts in the entire state received this award.
MS Weekly Update 11/08/2018
Elementary Friday Wrap 11/02/18
  • Congratulations for Receiving Years of Service Award - 5 year pin
    Congratulations for Receiving Years of Service Award - 5 year pin
    Recipients of the 5 Years of Service award pin: Michael Westphal, Katie Kotila, Julia Enghauser, Kelly Williamson, Jessica Phelps, Jeanelle Mahurin, Robin Cowin, Samantha Todisman, Jolene Hilkerbaumer, Jamie Halmick, and Sonny Sappington (not pictured)
  • These Employees Received 10 Year Pin
    These Employees Received 10 Year Pin
    Brian Witt and Debbie Collins
  • One Employee received a 15 Years of Service Milestone Pin
    One Employee received a 15 Years of Service Milestone Pin
    Dena Smith
  • These Employees Received a Shining Star Plaque for 20 Years of Service
    These Employees Received a Shining Star Plaque for 20 Years of Service
    Heather Cox, Penny Branson, Sherry Horn, Debra Radford, Sara Niebruegge
District Mission
The mission of the Crawford County R-I School District is to provide, in partnership with the community, the best educational opportunities through a commitment to excellence in curriculum, instruction, personnel, and facilities in a safe, caring environment that allows all students to grow and develop as responsible citizens.
News Release from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Results of the First Census Administration of the ACT® Released for Missouri Students

ACT® results for Missouri’s graduating class of 2016 are now available. For the first time, the results reflect the performance of an entire senior class, resulting in a new baseline for the state. Therefore, the latest results cannot be compared with previous years. In 2015, Missouri began offering a one-time administration of the ACT® to all 11th graders in the state at no cost to the student. Those students’ scores are included in the ACT® data released today. Missouri students’ participation in the years just prior to 2015 included 71 percent to 77 percent of the graduating class.

Nationally, 64 percent of all 2016 high school graduates took the ACT®, with a national composite score of 20.8. The composite score is the average of the most recent ACT® scores of all graduates.

The composite score for the Missouri class of 2016 is 20.2. Following are the composite scores in states that tested 100 percent of graduating students from highest composite score to lowest composite score:

Minnesota – 21.1
Illinois – 20.8
Colorado – 20.6
Wisconsin – 20.5
Michigan – 20.3
North Dakota – 20.3
Montana – 20.3
Missouri – 20.2
Utah – 20.2
Kentucky – 20.0
Wyoming – 20.0
Tennessee – 19.9
Louisiana – 19.5
Alabama – 19.1
North Carolina – 19.1
South Carolina – 18.5
Mississippi – 18.4
Nevada – 17.7

Missouri uses the ACT® as one of its measures of college and career readiness. One of the primary goals of Missouri’s Top 10 by 20 campaign is for every Missouri student to graduate high school ready for college and career.

Thank you,
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education | Communications | 573-751-3469 |
Bourbon PTO Offers Opportunity
1st Day School Supplies

We’re excited to share with you an opportunity that we have implemented for the next (2018-2019) school year. We have been working with 1st Day School Supplies to offer the chance to order the bulk of each grade’s (K-8) school supplies online and have it waiting for your child on their desks before the first day of school. 1st Day School Supplies offers the exact school supplies requested by each teacher in name brands such as Crayola, Mead and Avery. They also offer accessories from Under Armour.
Get a head start on next school years school supplies and order today!

Perks to using the service: avoid the chaos of school supply shopping, it is a tax-free purchase, and has no shipping cost.
*This is NOT a fundraiser but just a service we are offering to make school supply shopping easier.
HOW DOES THIS WORK? (Below is a step by step description. It is a little wordy, but it is an important read to ensure that there’s no mistakes made.)
1. Follow this link to enter our school’s store: 1st Day School Supplies.
2. Next choose “supply kits” for either the elementary or middle school.
3. From there you would just choose the grade your child will be entering next Fall (not their current grade). *Keep in mind that backpacks and headphones/earbuds are NOT included on these lists. However, they are offered as an additional purchase, if interested.
4. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the list and verify what else might need to be purchased separately. Headphones/ear buds are available for an additional $4.99 and a calculator for the 7th grade class is available for an additional $13.99.
5. Once ready to order, enter your child’s information and click “Add to cart”.
6. Next, there will be a pop up prompting you to choose whether you’d like to add another supply kit, add accessories, add headphones/earbuds or to continue to your cart.
7. Once you’ve completed your shopping and proceed with completing your order, you will need to enter your information and payment method. They do require an email and your address even though the kits will be sent directly to the school.
8. 1st Day school supply will communicate with parents two weeks prior to kits being made and when on the truck to be sent to the school.
9. Kits will arrive at the school approximately two weeks before the start of school and the PTO will work to sort each kit to the appropriate classrooms.
We have seen rave reviews from other schools and PTO’s that use this service and hope that this will make preparing for next school year easier for everyone.
Our deadline to place orders is June 30, 2018.
*We will have a sample box at our PTO meetings if you would like to see it.
Keep an eye out for an opportunity to win one free supply kit for your Bourbon Elementary or Middle School student! We will be posting a giveaway very soon!
Thank you!
Bourbon PTO

Superintendent's Message

about 1 year ago

    We believe that education provides the opportunity for students to achieve their full potential.  Our dedicated staff works to help students obtain the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes to be lifelong learners.  In addition to the development of academic skills, we reinforce and nurture the character traits necessary to be productive citizens of integrity.  We offer a challenging curriculum within a safe and caring environment.  Our students' families and community members are invited and encouraged to be active participants in the learning process. We hope that the information found within this website assists you in learning more about us.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  We would be proud to have you as a member of our learning team!                                            

Patricia L. Thompson,  Superintendent